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Podcasts & Webisodes

Podcasts & Webisodes


Audio and Video


Since Apple introduced this phenomenon years ago, it has become increasingly popular among the younger generation.  Listeners 35 and under are the most likely to listen regularly to a podcast.  It is also a known fact that most executives and business owners listen to podcasts regularly.  This is because one can still gain knowledge globally while doing mundane tasks like traveling via airplane, driver service or city transit.

Podcasts are traditionally audio, but some information is just better visually.  So, the rise of the podcast on video has begun trending.  This opens up so many avenues for syndicated shows.


Television.  Who really has time to sit and watch television since the inception of DVR?  Now, you can watch your favorite programming whenever it's convenient!  What's more is that you don't have to get home to watch.  It's on your phone, tablet, laptop.  Pick a device and it's there!

If you haven't noticed, times are changing.  With the upgrading of cameras and the quality of video on your mobile devices, everyone is a cinematographer.  Thus, we have the rise of webisodes, originals and shorts along with correlating Internet channels and apps with which to watch.

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